Realme 2pro review: Gaming Master smartphone

Realme 2 Pro Review: Master in Gaming & Powerhouse of Performance

When this sub-brand of Oppo started 4 months ago, it was clear that users will have strategies to equip more features in lower prices. But no one would have thought that only Rs 18,000 will bring the phone Realme, 8GB RAM. After this, the phone with the cheapest 8GB Ram is offering poco, but it will also cost 30 thousand.Although there is Snapdragon 845 processor, the price is a distance of 12 thousand.
Realme 2pro review: Gaming Master smartphone

This is the third device of realme. In realme 1 the company had focused on performance and large battery, while notch display and fingerprint sensor in realme 2. Realme 2 Pro seems to combine both of these phones.We used 10 days for realme 2 pro The characteristics of the phone, the drawbacks are something like this....

Master in Gaming & powerhouse of Performance

Realme 2 Pro Dispaly

The phone affects everyone with its display. Due Drop Notch and the 1080X2340 resolution display has been brought in such a low price for the first time. Due Drop or Water Drop Notch Display We also saw Oppo F9 Pro. But here's a drawback. Its notch removes content when it is exposed or hides it. It is much shaky when reading an article. Colors Bright and Contrast is quite good. Despite the big screen the phone does not look great, because the distance between the screen to body ratio is quite low.

Realme 2 Pro Design

In case of build quality, the phone is average. In the polycarbonate body, the glossy finish has tried to make the phone premium, but it does not seem to be successful in it. There are many fingerprints in the back and the chances of scratch. If you use rough, then in the next 6 months the phone may seem old. Maybe that's why the company has given it in the back cover box only. Fingerprint sensor and face unlock are both fast.

Realme 2 Pro Performance 

Realme 2 Pro runs apace with 8GB RAM and Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 processor. There was no such thing as lag in notice Runs in the application background for 2 days, but it did not affect the phone's performance and battery. This phone is the best option for gaming enthusiasts.

We played Asphalt 8 and 9. There was no such thing as missing the frame. Yes! After 35 to 40 minutes the heating was definitely done, but not much. In addition to playing the game, its speaker is covered by the hand and the sound is slowed without decreasing.

The phone does not affect how much in multitasking As it moves from the home screen, it looks like an Oppo phone because the color OS itself has been used by the company. Then the same things start to appear. For example, if you want to delete a photo, then do not select directly, select it by going to select.Even after clicking on the delete icon, the UI again decides whether to delete the photo or not. Similar conflicts are even more In contrast, Xiaomi's miui or Vivo's frame is more clean. Well, if this phone was Android One then there would be a huge 'explosion' in the market.

Realme 2 Pro Camera

At the level of the camera, Realme 2 Pro can say better. With Sony's IMX sensor, the rear camera brings low light shots too. Photos of the day come with Sharpe and Details. In Low Light, its camera can be called best in this range. Portrait mode also takes good photos. Portrait photos can also be taken with effects.

The 16 MP Selfie Camera works well. There is no flash, but the screen flash goes to work. Selfie cameras will be liked by those people, who have the ability to look bright. Here's more brighter than just the Oppo phones. Many times so much that editing does not even seem to be needed. It took a few seconds more to save the portrait photo too.

Battery & decision

Phone is the best in case of battery. There is no tension throughout the day by running plenty.
35% of the battery was found on the half-hour YouTube video after seeing the same battery.
Yes, there is no fast charging. It takes two and a half hours, in full charge.

A special feature in this phone is that the power button can be made as a Google Assistant button. For this, you need to activate the feature by going to Smart and Convenient Option. Well, by pressing the Home icon, it also gets it. There are phones like Nokia 6.1 Plus, Radmi 6 Pro and MI A2 in front of Realme 2 Pro, but in terms of performance the realme looks forward.

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