What is LinkedIn? | One step towards online career 2019

Hello friends, Today, we are going to talk about a platform presently online, which can give a new direction to our career and we can make our own a professional career. We are going to know today that what is Linkedin ?

What is LinkedIn?, One step towards online career 2019, LinkedIn, LinkedIn  feature, LinkedIn  benefits

What Is Linkedin ?

Job is a word by which everyone's Youth gets excited when you hear it because unemployment in the country is at peak and according to me, there is a great reason not to get practical education properly, but if you have acquired Practical Education correctly So there is no shortage of jobs for you. You must know all about the Professional Online Platform that is going to talk about here but hardly have you ever used it.

What Is Linkedin ?

We all know about Facebook, Instagram and Twitter that this is a social network website. Where we can connect with people like you and share a photo, Video, Text as well as personal message chat.

Similarly Linkedin is also the social network website, but it is only for a professional person, and hence it is also known as Linkedin Professional Network. Where many businesses, Business owners and Employee are connected.

There is no need to join Linkedin that you are affiliated with a Professional Course, here Professional means that you are involved in any profession. Whether small or big.

Features of Linkedin's :

As every website has its own properties, Linkedin has some of its main features that are helpful for users. for example…

What is LinkedIn?, One step towards online career 2019, LinkedIn, LinkedIn  feature, LinkedIn  benefits

My Network:

If you are a Linkedin user, as soon as you login into your account, then you get the option of a My Network in the Linkedin dashboard. This is exactly like the Facebook Friend list and from here we can get information about the users who are connected to us i.e. our friend.

Linkedin Search:

Like every single website, we get to see a search bar on the Linkedin website and mobile app. But its search bar is fair and we get some special features in it. for example…
  • People: The first feature of the search bar is people, if we want to connect with a Linkedin member according to a keyword (company name, profession). So we can reach people connected to their keywords through People search.
  • Job: This is the most important features of the search bar, who do not need Job. If you want to search job for any company or profession. So we just have to select the Job option from the search bar, then we can do job search for any profession and we will just see the related jobs related to that keyword.
  • Content: This third important feature of Search bar, as a Linkedin member, will select content from the search bar if we select a publish content option related to any keyword from the Linkedin website.

How to create Linkedin Account ?

If you have a business or you are a student / employee then you can join this network and it will be beneficial for your career or business. Linkedin account signup is very easy. Through Phone Number or Email Address.
What is LinkedIn?, One step towards online career 2019, LinkedIn, LinkedIn  feature, LinkedIn  benefits

Linkedin can create account and login. After that, like Facebook or any social network website, you can enter your profile pic, education detail or Job experience detail, Business detail, Cetification details here.

What is the benefit from Linkedin Account?

Most of us use social networking websites only for Chating or photo sharing. But there are many such users who use them to improve their career and make money. But like Facebook, we will not find funny or sexy videos and dirty photos on Linkedin network.Here at us,

Business, career, education related information, and some inspirational information will be found, which are useful for our career growth.

When I joined Linkedin Network, I had never imagined that it would be so helpful to my career and because of this I have lots of work and many job offers also. At this time, users have been connected to my Linkedin profile. Many of which are users business owner, company HR and employee.

In this case if you want to grow in your career and want the best job according to your profession then it can be the best platform for you. Not only that, Linkedin also gets a business lead. If you have a business then you can get customers from India, UK, Canada, USA, Australia or anywhere in the world.

Friends, it is not necessary that everyone should get a Goverment Job or everyone wants a government job. Many people like us want to do their own business or want to work as Private Sector Job or Self-employee.

What is LinkedIn?, One step towards online career 2019, LinkedIn, LinkedIn  feature, LinkedIn  benefits
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Linkedin can be very beneficial for such people, and they may have the opportunity to work well in a good company. With this, if you are doing a small, medium or large business then you can get customers from here. If you have any suggestions about it, then please comment.

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