Data Loss from Raid And Recovery Solution 2019

Data Loss from Raid - Causes and Recovery 

For individuals and organizations with extensive storage needs, RAID is the best solution. It is a powerful and inexpensive form of data storage. However, because of its extensive usage, even the slightest chance of data loss can be quite detrimental.

Data Loss from Raid And Recovery Solution, Tech with Ashif ,

However, you don’t need to worry if this happens to you. Read on to find out the causes, tips and the solutions for RAID server recovery.

Causes of Data Loss from RAID Based Storage 

There are four common causes of RAID data loss. These are: 

1. Physical damage 
None of the hard drives within the unit should be exposed to damage. This could affect the entire RAID functionality. Misuse and negligence are common reasons behind physical damage to the hard drives. Damage to the drive's head may make the data irretrievable. 

2. Accidental Deletion 
Manual deletion is a common human error that may lead to RAID data loss. While this situation is still manageable, it could go out of hand too. If new data has been re-written on top of the data that was deleted, recovery won't be possible. 

3. Controller failure 
The RAID controller is the central head that manages all the hard drives within the system. As this is such an important component, its failure could lead to massive data loss. When this happens, it is best to turn the system off and take it to a professional. 

4. Failure of circuit board 
Failure of the circuit board of the hard drive can lead to malfunction of the drive. This can lead to data loss. However, the solution to this problem is not to replace the circuit board as that may worsen the issue. Instead, the best option is to approach RAID data recovery professionals. 

Tips to Prevent Data Loss in RAID Based Storage 

Now you know why you could suffer data loss. But hòw can yoù prevent this from happeniñg to you? Here are a few tips to follow: 
  • - Provide protection to your RAID system from natural elements such as water, fire, etc.
  • - If you are doubtful about your RAID storage, stop working on your PC.
  • - Update your system with the latest antivirus software to avoid cyber-attacks.
  • - Don't try to repair or fix the issue on your own. 
  • - Take backups of your data to equip yourself from data loss. 

If RAID data loss is spotted, here is what needs to be done: 

1) Turn off the computer 
This is a vital step. Though some hard drives may not work, your RAID controller could still be functioning. Leaving the PC on could result in overwriting of data. So it’s better to turn off your PC immediately.

2) Drive disassembly 
Disassemble the drives from the RAID array. Try to identify which of the drives has failed by checking them physically. If this is achievable, it narrows down the process of data recovery. The recovery process only needs to be run on these failed drives. 

3) Downloading Recovery Software 
Download a RAID recovery software onto your PC. However, remember that it is essential to get the best software to ensure that the data retrieval is successful. Once you download this software, you will be prompted to open it and start the scanning process. 

4) Scan the RAID Array 
To start the scan, select the drive where your files are stored. Then, enter the names and numbers of the drives identified in step 2 above. Click on 'Reconstruct'. The software will start to scan the drives and find the lost data. 

If this doesn’t help, the best solution is to approach a professional data recovery service like Stellar Data Recovery. With expertise in recovering RAID data loss across various configurations, Stellar provides 100% data privacy and confidentiality. These professionals are skilled in recovering data from all types of defective RAID servers. 

Parting Advice 

Around the world, the usage of RAID systems is increasing vastly. It is a great way to store and access the data. But it is prone to data loss just like any other electronic device. Experts like Stellar Data Recovery can retrieve your lost data. Their skilled professionals can handle the process with accuracy. Also, Stellar's 100% success rate and 'no recovery, no charge' policy is very impressive. It assures you that your interests always come first. Stellar-Data-Recovery is an ISO SO 9001:2015 & ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified data recovery service provider in India. They have 25+ years of experience and provide 100% safe and secure data recovery service and maintains a high level of data confidentiality. Stellar, have served more than 3+ Million customers worldwide and their services are available for both corporates and individuals for all kind of data loss situations. So, if you ever find yourself stuck in a data loss situation, contact Stellar Data Recovery. 

For more information about Stellar-data-recovery visit their official-website or dial their toll-free number 1800-102-3232. 

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