What is the share market and how to invest money in it?

What is the Share market and how do trading in it?

Hello friends, today we will talk about this artical what is Share Market? And with this we will know how to invest money in the Share Market?
Today everybody wants to earn more money and no matter how, why not. If there is money nearby, then Sociaty will get Reputatiion, a good house, a good car, and a good life style together.

What is the share market and how to invest money in it?, what is share market, what is stock market, what is share
What is the share market? 2019

Many people are such people, who say that every work is not with money but there is no work that can be done without money. In today's time, earning money can be done by Job, but only these require-ments can be fulfilled only, if you have to fulfill dreams, it will have to do business along with Job. Money will be invested in Bitcoin, e-Marketing, Share Market...

Starting a Business Start-up is not easy as it includes Proper Business Plan, Team & Business Registration, and all kinds of problems with money. More people in India do not trust Bitcoins, e-marketing takes more time to earn money. But Share Market (Stock Market) is a platform where only money can be earned by making a lot of money by direct investment only in a short-time. But, the Share Market is very risky and we talk about here in the detail about Stock Market (Share market), what is the share market? And, when and how to buy share.

What is Share market ?

Share-Market is a marķet that is also known as Stock Market. Here all the well known companies are listed. And in the Share Market, Shares of those companies i.e. sell and buy their shares. Trading is the way to investment money in the Share Market.

Anyone in the Share Market can buy or sales a company's share and earn money according to its price. If a person buys a company's share, then that person becomes the shareholder of that company and that company Joins Profit & Loss.

If that company's is profited, then its shares have a price increase. With this, the person who buys the company's shares from the share market is double profit and if the company is lost due to some reason, then the person has to wash his hands with money.

Take the time to share market or stock market is a kind of gambling game. If you buy the right company shares then you will be surprised that if you buy the wrong company's Shares then all the money will go to the water. Because every minute's of the Share-Market keeps up & down.

When does the right time to buy Companies Shares?

What is Share Market? There is a bit of information about it. This is a Risky Marketing's Or Investment Strategy's and not everyone can put money in the Share Markets,.

Investment in Share Market [How to invest Money in Share Market]? To get a lot of information is important. Without good preparation, you can not buy shares of any company without trading marketing Strategy's. If a person invests in Stock Market or Share Market without knowing the right information of trading, then he has a chance of losing 90%.

With this, the popularity of the people on the Share Market(Stock-Market) or any Investment Plan from the last few years has been growing rapidly. In such a situation's, the Fake Trading Agent & Investment Agent is living in this condition that such a person can be found. Which can be trapped in his or her stance by calling it a Share Market plan and can run away with their money.
What is the share market and how to invest money in it?, what is share market, what is stock market, what is share

So whenever you think about putting money in the Share Market (stock market), you must pay attention to some things...
  • ■ Firstly know what is the Share Market? And how do trading in it.
  • ■  Investing money in the Share Market is a very risky task, so whichever company wants to buy a share. Get complete information about that company.
  • ■ Business Newspaper and News Channel, Provides information about what is the Share Market and the right about trading. Like the Economics Times Newspaper, if you see Share Market Daily Updates from here.
  • ■ Do not invest more money in the sharemartket in the leash and invest in the stock market only when your Finacial Status is good and if your money goes in loss or Deficiency then you will not have any kind of problems.
  • ■ Before getting any company's share purchase, get the information about that company well. After buying all the information, buy the share.

How to Buy Shares in stock market (How to invest in Share Market)?

When, after getting information about What is share Market?, Trading and Company, get the information. After that, you can buy shares or stock (invest in Share Market).

To buy shares of any company's, there should be a demat-account or dematerialized account and there are two ways to create a Demat account,

Demat Account is the bank account of the Share Market where the money is required to buy the shares and almost all corporate banks provide the Demat Account. The first method is to open Demat Account from Share Market to buy Share (Invest in Share Market).

Another way is to use a Broker ie (Stock-Market) Share Market agent, we can open Demat Account with the help of a broker. If this is the 1st time investing in the Share Market (stock Market), then this method is more correct.

Note: The same people can invest in the Share Market, whose age is above 18 years. Opening Demat Account requires a Saving Bank Account, a PAN Card and an address proof.

What is Stock Exchange ?

Companies where they list their shares are called Stock Exchange and there are two Stock Exchange in our country. Where is the most companies list.

What is the share market and how to invest money in it?, what is share market, what is stock market, what is share

  • Bombay Stock Exchange(BSE)

What is the share market and how to invest money in it?, what is share market, what is stock market, what is share

  • National Stock Exchange(NSE)

     Website- https://www.nseindia.com/

That is, Share Buy & Sale is done from both places. Firstly, the share could only be purchased with the help of the Stock Exchange members. Bût now with Broker, any Direct Online Demat A/c can become a Shareholder and buy a share by itself. But still it is important to get help from Broker's.

Final Word :
Friends, What is Share Market? All of you have got information about it. A lot of money can be earned by investing in the Share Market (Stock Market). But this is a very risky Investment Plan.If you have a mind to invest in the Share Market, then you first get information about everything related to Trading, Company and Share Market, then you have to invest money.

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