272 satellites will provide the whole world free Wi-Fi service

272 satellite project 2026 : Free wifi for whole world

  1. Linksure, a Chinese company, is thinking about providing free Wi-Fi networks from space to earth.
  2. The company is sending its 10 satellites into space next year.
  3. With this technology, the Internet will also be accessible in areas where mobile network is not accessible.
  4. Linksure will send 272 satellites in space by 2026
272 satellites will provide the whole world free Wi-Fi service, free wifi service  in world, wifi

China's company LinkSure Network can soon start providing free Wi-Fi services to the whole world. The company has recently presented it to the world in front of the world with its satellite, which is sent to space. The Linksure Network says that their first satellite will be launched from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in Gansu province of China next year, and plans to send 10 more satellites into space by the year 2020.

272 satellite project 2019

It is being said that in the space of 2026, there will be 272 satellites of Linksure in the space that will work to provide free Wi-Fi network to the whole world.

Company CEO Wong Jingying told that the company will invest Rs 3,000 crore to make the scheme a success. Although he believed that after the success of this plan, it will be able to earn a lot in the coming time. According to a Chinese newspaper, the Wi-Fi network coming from space can easily connect people to their smartphones. Not only this, this network will also reach areas where telecom networks are difficult to reach

Free wifi For world Project 2018

According to a report, more than 300 million people are still away from the Internet service. Let's say that this year SpaceX has got green signal for sending 7,000 Starlink satellites in space and Space X is going to send 1600 satellites sending space from Earth to the Internet in space in the coming years In addition to Space X, companies such as Google, OneWeb and Telesat are also preparing to implement such a plan and if everything is correct, then these companies' satellites and balloons will be able to fill the whole earth with high speed Wi- Wi-Fi service will be provided.

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