What is the difference between ATM CARD, DEBIT CARD and CREDIT CARD?

What is the difference between ATM CARD, DEBIT CARD and CREDIT CARD?

In this post, you will know what is the difference between atm, debit card and credit card. We use bank cards to withdraw money from ATM machines, make payments online, check balances. Using the card, you get freedom by placing cash in your pocket and it is also good for security. Our bank offers many types of cards, you can choose any option according to your needs.

What is the difference between ATM CARD, DEBIT CARD and CREDIT CARD

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There are three types of bank cards: Atm card, Debit card and Credit card. You can make any card by applying it to your bank according to your need. Now here the question arises which card is right for you, so we are telling you the difference between these three cards.

Difference Between ATM Card, Debit Card and Credit Card

ATM Card - ATM card is used by us to withdraw money from ATM machines. To withdraw money from the machine, you have to enter a four digit pin. ATM Card is linked to your bank account. The bank also charges the annual fee for the ATM service.

Debit Card - The debit card works just like ATM cards But some of these ATM cards are advanced, as well as withdrawing money from ATMs with Debit Card, you can pay by swiping card online and also at Merchant Shop. In this you also need a four digit pin. Debit card is linked to our bank account. In order to use this, it is mandatory to have balance in our account. There are several types of debit cards such as Rupay, Visa and Master Card.

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Credit Card- We can use credit cards on online shopping and pos terminals. To use a credit card, it is not necessary for you to have balance in your bank, because you do credit shopping with a credit card and the bank then receives the amount from you. The credit card is not easily made, you have to fulfill more conditions.
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