Differences between Rupay, Visa & Master Card

Differences between Rupay, Visa & Master Card?

In today's era, almost everyone uses ATM or Debit Card. There are several types of debit cards such as Master Card, Visa Card and Rupay Card. Visa and Master Card have been running for a long time but now India's own Rupay Card has also come up and its users are also increasing rapidly. But do you know what is the difference between Visa, Master and Rupay Card? In today's post we will talk about this.

Differences between Rupay, Visa & Master Card

Differences between Rupay, Visa & Master Card 2019

Payment gateway - As you know, a payment gateway is required for the card transaction. Here the Visa and MasterCard work on the Foreign Payment Gateway, whose server is in the US. The same Rupay card is operated by NPCs in India. India is the sixth country in the world with its own payment gateway.

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Types of cards - If the type of card is spoken, then the Visa and Master Card are available in debit and credit card but the Rupay card is still issued only as a debit card.

Processing Fees - Visa and Master are based on Foreign Payment Gateway, so their processing fee is high, due to the Rupay card's indigenous payment gateway, its processing fee is low. For example, if the rupay card costs Rs 2.50 on the transaction, then the same applies to 3.25 rupees for the same transaction from Visa and Master.

International recognition - Rupay card so far you can use only in India. This card is not valid outside the country. Visa Master International Card is valid and it is valid in most countries, so that you can use them outside the country too.

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