What is PDF file? & What are the benefits of PDF file?

What is PDF file? & What are the benefits of PDF file?

Friends, you must have heard the name of the PDF file, but do you know how the PDF file is made and how it is made and What are its advantages and disadvantages? In today's post, we are going to tell you what is PDF file  and What are its advantages?

What is PDF file?,What are the benefits of PDF file?, pdf file

As you know, today's time is internet, computer and smartphones. The first thing we used to do manually was to do it on computer today. You have to create any project or prepare a file, save it by typing it on the computer and then take out its print. You can easily share such digital files with anyone through email.

What is a PDF file?

The full name of the PDF is called Portable Document File, which means a file which can be easily read and sent on any device. The PDF file is the safest way to store any document, you can not easily edit this file. In this, store word files and images are readable only. You must have a PDF reader to open a PDF file. The most popular PDF reader is the Adobe PDF Reader software which will probably also be in your pc.

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How do create a PDF file?

You have two options for converting any file into a PDF file-

1. One for offline, you must have a PDF creater software. You will find many free and paid PDF creater software on the internet, from which you can convert any file such as word, excel, jpeg image etc to PDF.

2. Another way is to have a website on the internet that turns any of your files into pdf format. Here you have to upload your file, after you convert to PDF, you can download it.

Advantages of PDF File -

  1. You can read PDF files easily on your computer or smartphone. 
  2. The PDF file is very secure because it can not be easily edited. 
  3. The size of pdf is very low, in it you can also set a password.
  4. You can also print the PDF file and send it to anyone by email. 
  5. Pdf files can be easily shared with WhatsApp also.

Disadvantage of PDF file - 

  1. You can only read the PDF file, not edit. 
  2. A pdf file reader is required to open the PDF file.
Friends, hopefully you have liked the information about the PDF file. You comment on your suggestion or ideas to express.

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