What is SPEED POST and how to track it ?

What is SPEED POST and how to track it ?

Friends, when you used to post a letter or parcel postoffice, it would take at least a week or a month to reach it. But over time, India Post has made a lot of progress. Now with the help of registerd post and speed post, you can send any post or parcel and track it online in a short time. In this post, you will know what SPEED POST is and how to track it online. 

What is SPEED POST and how to track it ?, speed post

What is Speed Post?

Speed ​​Post India is the service of Postal Department through which you can send any post in the country and the world. Speed ​​Post is a fast service similar to the registerd post. Where normal post takes one week to get delivered, it takes only three to four days in it. On Speed ​​Post, you get a tracking number through which you can also track it.

Whenever you go to the post office, to speedpost to letters or parcels Or if someone sends something through Speed ​​post, to know where we get our item, we can provide a tracking number so that we can track the item online.

How to do Speed ​​Post ?

To post speed, you must first pack your post or parcel in an envelope then on the envelope, self and where to send the post, both the addresses are cleanly written. Pincode must be written in the city where speed post is to be sent, if the zip code is unknown, you can also find it online from the site or from the post office. Write speed post and recipient's mobile number on top of the envelope, so there is no problem in reaching speed post.

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After preparing the envelope you now have to post it in the post office. Give your envelope to the post office counter. Here you will be taken the weight of your envelope and you will be charged money according to how far it is to send the post.

Whenever you go to speed post any item, you get a receipt on which the tracking number is written, through this number you can track your item. If someone sends you some items, then if they tell you their tracking number, then you can track your item with it. The tracking number is of thirteen digits eg EA534457859IN

How to track SPEED POST ?

To track speed post, you need to  go to this link from pc or mobile click here..

On this page of the India Post website, click on it to show the speed post option.  A new page will open up to you now  Enter the Speed ​​Post tracking number of thirteen digits and type the captcha code appearing in the image, then click on TRACK NOW.

What is SPEED POST and how to track it ?, speed post

Once click on TRACK NOW, a new page will open in front of you. In which you will know the status of your item. Similarly you can also track registerd posts.

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Speed Post charges 2019

Here we are telling the rates of speed post for up to 200 grams of mail. Which is possible to change over time.

Local - 200g = 25 rupees 
Up to 200 km - 200 grams = 35 rupees 
210Km to 1000km - 200gram = 40 rupees
1001 Km - up to 2000 km - 200 grams = 60rupees
More than 2000 - 200 grams = 70 rupees

According to the weight through the picture,  See speed post charges. 

What is SPEED POST and how to track it ?, speed post

If there is a problem in speed post or if your post is not delivered on time, then you can complain to India Post. You need to keep your tracking number for this.

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